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Everyday our skin is damaged from being exposed from the pollution and UV radiation from the sunlight. As a consequence, the appearance of sun spots, melasma, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and dull looking skin show as the skin aged. Therefore, it is important to nourish and strengthen the skin to fight off the offensive environment and restoring its youthfulness.


Electroporation is a skin treatment that uses the electrical pulse to increase cell permeability that allows nourishing substances such as vitamins, to pass into the cells of the skin tissues. Hence, it could provide more intensive nourishment to the deeper depth of the skin tissues than the regular daily application of moisturizer. Electroporation does not cause any wound nor is painful. It could also mitigate the inflammation from acne or post laser procedure.


We tailor-made our formula specifically to the patient’s needs. Moreover, additional special substance as mentioned above, can be added further to tackle more specifically to the patient’s skin problems. Our treatment is fortified with vitamins and special medication that encapsulated in the semi-saturated liposome form, which can deliver a higher concentration of the vitamins to penetrate through deeper depth of skin than other forms. This form also protects the nutrients from being disintegrated at the skin surface as it passes through the skin and eventually releases the nourishing substances as it reaches the deep dermis of the skin.  This allows an effective and rich nourishment to the deepest level.


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