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What is AGNES?

Agnes is an RF energy-based device, consisting of both mono-polar and bi-polar energy that delivers energy through micro-insulated needles. The upper part of the needles contains the microinsulation, which allows protection of the skin and prevents skin burn. The energy passes to the non-insulated tip of the needles to the target area, e.g. destroying sebaceous glands.

What ACNES can do?

  • Agne
  • Eye Bag & Eye Wrinkle
  • Milia & Syringoma


The RF energy releases through the tips of the needles, where they are targeted to destroy the sebaceous glands, which are the source of acne. Hence, Agnes effectively treats acne from the source without damaging the surrounding upper skin.

Eye Bag & Eye Wrinkle

Agnes provides an alternative treatment to eye bags and eye wrinkles without invasive surgery. Agnes helps to reduce the fat within the eye bags and also stimulates collagen synthesis to tighten the eye bags and diminish wrinkles. This creates smoother and tightened eye bags.

Milia & Syringoma

These conditions can be removed by laser CO2, however, it may leave unwanted pigmentation on the skin. Alternatively, Agnes targets and destroys sebaceous glands while still preserving the upper layer of the skin and mitigates the occurrence of pigmentation.


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